Monday, February 11, 2008

wants VS NEEDS obama vs clinton

As humans what we want is not often what we need. For instance I ,personally, would love to have that shiney new F-250, being an electrician and all, but truthfully I cant afford the payments, or the gas. What we have is a country of followers. What was once a country of free thinking "individuals" has turned into an ocean of trends and current like momentum. Take for example music (personally i listen to the oldies) turn on the radio station every song sounds the same. There was a time when music reflected the individual, but with no more individuals it is easy to understand our dilemma. Back to the point, trends and momentum. Barack is very magnetic and,like the moon, he attracts the currents of momentum. However, these currents turn into unbridled waves of emotion. Ask your self this question, When was the last time you made a good decision while in a highly emotional state of mind? That is why we have such things as Super Delegates. We as Americans are highley exciteable and emotional. That being said, it is important to have people to help us. For example, your out with your wife lookin at that new truck, and she politley reminds you that you are still paying back loans from college. That a hundred dollars to fill up the tank, figure tank and a half a you get it. First of all in an act of fairness Super Delegates should represent florida and michigan. I would like to hear someone say that when the topic comes up. With all respect to Obama, and the great state of illinoi, the population of Illinoi is about the same as Browrad county. What this country needs is someone with a plan. Sure, Obama has alot of great "ideas", but America needs a plan. Hilary has based her career around this moment. She has thought it through and has a plan.Obama entered not thinking he would make it this far. Obamas claim to fame is that he voted against the war. Well you show me a man that has never made a mistake, and I will sell you beach front property. Truth is if you never made mistakes you would never learn. Hindsight is 20-20 yet, it seems, memory is blind. I am just an ignorant man working to live, but I remeber a time in which I made more money and paid less to live. I remember a time when people where individuals. I remeber a time when America was great. I remeber a man named Bill that changed the face of america, and I remember people saying that it was hilary the whole time. That is why I say think about what you need. In a time like this wants have little weight. Right now we cant afford to want, because we are broke. So we need, we need healthcare, we need money, we need to find a solution to the war, we need jobs, we need better education, we need new roads,and bridges, and levys, and power supply. We need America to be about Americans, and we need patience because it wont happen over night. So dont sell me some bogus dream. I want cold hard facts. I want the truth. I want a plan. I want hilary.